Woodlands Tai Chi

Please read and agree to the following information in it's entirety

1     Woodlands Tai Chi classes are free of charge
                 However we require participants to purchase a WTC shirt as a part of                               registration and  will require it to be worn to class and  events

                 If you are unable to pay, let us know and we can make arrangements
 2     You will learn the Yang 8 step form – smooth and flowing movements –

                foundation postures for other forms
                This is a 12-week curriculum once completed you will be advanced to the                      intermediate class
              You must attend the first  4 consecutive beginning sessions.
              Check your calendar before registering.
              Classes are limited in size, if you are a NO SHOW (without advance                                  notification)  you are taking someone spot   and will disqualify you from                          participation for 1 year and forfeit your registration fee and shirt. 
              Please make sure that you will be able to attend all the  classes
              Classes are approx. 1 hour with 2 water breaks, you may attend the remedial                 class on Friday at 7:30am ask instructors for detail. (only after the 5th class)

Do not come to class if you are unable to stay for the complete session

3     Follow the Courtesies

            • Please be on time. Sessions start promptly at their designated meeting times.
               If you are late do not enter dojo if class is in session

            • Wear loose, comfortable clothing- WTC shirts for practices and special                           activities – change in the bathroom or locker room – not in the Dojo
            • WTC Shirts are uniform, you must wear to practice and other activities,
                   You will not be permitted to participate without your uniform
                     Wear soft, flat sole shoes * recommendation from experts
                   (no sneakers, as they have a tendency to grip the floor) No Bare Feet                               (socks permitted)

             • Please No lotions or perfumes. It’s very important that we are not impeded                       in deep breathing

                   Smokers: please do not come smelling of cigarette smoke,
                   you will be asked to leave, or change clothes before session

             • Set mobile devices to silent mode.

             •  You must bring bottled drinking water .

                  You will not be permitted out of the Dojo…

                 It is now mandatory to bring drinking water.
             • Stop all conversation entering Dojo
             • Maintain classroom protocol –
                  Bow when entering and exiting Dojo
                  Notify WTC via text or email of absence
                  Do not come to class if you are unable to stay for the complete session,
                  you may leave between sessions
                  Do not disturb the class when departing only leave during breaks
                  If the class is in session, wait until the next water break to enter the Dojo
            •  Please assist helpers in tearing down banners, computers to the storeroom.
                  SCCC classroom the tables and chairs must be put back.

     Most importantly, leave the outside world at the door!