Our Mission: To avail our community, exercise of the mind, body and spirit, at no cost.


Please observe the following courtesies when participating in tai chi sessions
• Please be on time. Sessions start promptly at their designated meeting times.
• Wear loose, comfortable clothing- WTC shirts for pracices and special activities
• Wear soft, flat sole shoes * recommendation from experts

(no sneakers, as they have a tendency to grip the floor)
• No lotions or perfumes.
Smokers: please do not come smelling of cigarette smoke, you will be asked to leave, or change clothes before session
• Set mobile devices to silent mode.
• We recommend you bring drinking water.
• Leave the outside world at the door!

If the class is in session, wait until the next water break to enter the Dojo
Thank you for your co-operation

* Tai Chi Shoes

Choosing the best footwear for tai chi is actually very important because the wrong shoes can lead to injury.
Why can’t I wear my athletic shoes for tai chi?
Tai Chi ShoesWearing athletic shoes is okay to begin with but understand that the soles of these shoes have been designed not to slide. Your foot is rotating frequently throughout taichi which can put strain on the knee if there is any drag. When you step in tai chi, eventually you don’t have weight on a foot that is rotating but initially this takes a little bit of practice.

Overall you have three primary options when looking for shoes for tai chi. There is an all-cloth version specifically for training inside; these are much like slippers. There is a hybrid version which is basically the cloth shoe with a rubber sole. Then there is a low profile athletic shoe that looks like a soccer shoe.

Go Google for Tai Chi Shoes and you will see a large selection.