Woodlands Tai Chi

Experience Player .... 

Player may join an existing Intermediate class if space is available.
We play - Yang 8 Step - Yang 24 Steps - Fan - Fan 18 - Yang 8 Step Advance - Modified Long Form 108 - Traditional 108 
Please follow registration process.

Former WTC Player ....

Returning Players

You are always welcome to return.

Please note that space is limited and maybe placed on waiting list.

We are glad to see that your interest in Tai Chi has returned.
As you know Tai Chi has become very popular, and the intent of the Woodlands Tai Chi is to teach and play Tai Chi and it's working.
But this creates a problem, we are finding that we all want to play at the most convenient time and location, and the space in which we play in has limitation. 
WUMC session max 25 -
Wednesday 8 :30 am

Wednesday 6:15 pm
Friday Play 9:00 am - end of session (11:00 am) Invitation only - must attend weekly learning sessions to participate in "PLAY" This is a 2 hour session and you must stay for the complete session.

SCCC session max 10 -
Thursday 9:30 am
If you are interested in returning, please go to the link and request an invitation to attend and when a position becomes available, you will receive an invitation to attend - No walk in permitted
I accept all terms and conditions
Thank you for your co-operation

Do Not Re-Register -