Our Mission: To avail our community, exercise of the mind, body and spirit, at no cost.



We are glad to see that your interest inTai Chi has returned.

As you know Tai Chi has become very popular, and the intent of the Woodlands Tai Chi is to teach and play Tai Chi and it's working.

But this creates a problem, we are finding that we all want to play at the most convenient time and location, and the space in which we play in has limitation. 

WUMC session max 25  -  

Wednesday    9:00 am

Wednesday  10:00 am

Wednesday    6:00 pm

Friday             9:00 am

Friday           10:00 am

SCCC session max 15 -

Thurday        10:00 am

If you are interested in returning, please go to the link and request an invitation to attend and when a position becomes available, you will receive an invitation to attend - No walk in permitted

I accept all terms and conditions

Thank you for your co-operation

Please observe the following courtesies when participating in tai chi sessions
• Please be on time. Sessions start promptly at their designated meeting times.
• Wear loose, comfortable clothing- WTC shirts for practices and special activities - change in the bathroom or locker room - not in the Dojo
•WTC Shirts are uniform, you must wear to practice and other activities, You will not be permitted to participate without your uniform

Wear soft, flat sole shoes * recommendation from experts

(no sneakers, as they have a tendency to grip the floor)
• No lotions or perfumes.
Smokers: please do not come smelling of cigarette smoke, you will be asked to leave, or change clothes before session
• Set mobile devices to silent mode.
• We recommend you bring drinking water.

Stop all conversation entering Dojo

Maintain classroom protocol - 

Bow when entering and exiting Dojo 

Only RED fan are acceptable ( to establish uniformity ) We will be using Black fans in the future. no other colors are acceptable.

Notify WTC via text or email absence

Do not come to class if you are unable to stay for the complete session, you may leave between sessions

Do not disturb the class when departing only leave during breaks

Wed 8:30 & 9:30 -Thur 10:00 - Fri 8:30 & 9:30 

There will be a bathroom break at the 9:30 break

If the class is in session, wait until the next water break to enter the Dojo

Please assist helpers in tearing down banners, computers to the storeroom. 

SCCC classroom the tables and chairs must be put back.

Hope that these procedures will help to keep our group in an orderly manner.

Leave the outside world at the door!