Our Mission: To avail our community, exercise of the mind, body and spirit, at no cost.


The Woodlands Tai Chi  (2009) is a completely voluntary community of seniors and residents of Montgomery County. It is open to those who are interested in the exercise of mental and physical health. 

Presently, our numbers have grown to 85 players on our active roster. Our goal is to offer seniors and residents of Montgomery County a productive and safe activity to help improve their bodies and minds.


We would like to acknowledge and thank

Woodlands United Methodist Church

for providing us with a beautiful new home.


Sesco Saegusa

Group Director Instructor
I started Tai Chi when I retired, as a result of a rude awakening from a physical, which my physician informed me of a choice of continuing down the destructive lifestyle or to exercise and live. Due to a back injury in the past, invasive exercise was out. A nurse friend recommended tai chi, which I reluctantly signed up, after the first session I was hooked. In order to practice Tai Chi in the Texas summer and get out of the heat, I arranged with the Friendship Center (SCCC), the use of their facility in exchange for teaching senior, who was interested in Tai Chi. My interest grew as I studied with several Sifu and Masters, I felt that Tai Chi had saved my life and for this reason, feel that teaching others would be giving back to the community.


Dianna Walker

Assistant Instructor 12-30-15

Watching my 93-year-old Father struggle with flexibility and balance I knew I had to change my life or I would be in the same situation. I know it
has helped me physically. As I had hoped. The biggest surprise has been the calming effect it has had on my life, I think I have been able to withstand the stress of medical issues of several family members through the weekly practice sessions. The friendship of like-minded people helping each other is what's really important in our busy lives. I count my Tai Chi blessings every day.


Gina MacMillian

Assistant Instructor - Windsor Hills 11-4-18

 I had been searching for an exercise I could do that would be easier on my joints and back. After playing tennis for years, arthritis took it’s toll and I had to give up the game. I really missed the camaraderie of the team and playing in a league.  I tried aerobics and yoga classes, but neither of those worked for me due to my physical limitations. I had always admired martial arts and when I learned that tai chi was based on martial arts forms, I was interested. I found out about a tai chi class being offered by Sesco Saegusa of Woodlands Tai Chi Practice Group,  and signed up. I found just what I was looking for with a wonderful group of people learning and practicing a beautiful form of exercise. It has been described as “meditation in motion.” Add to that, the many health benefits including increased flexibility, strengthening of muscles, improved balance,  and stress relief. The perfect exercise for the rest of my life!  I’ve made a lot of new friends and had fun performing with them at  the World Tai Chi Day event this past April.


Derek Sandberg

Assistant Instructor 6-5-18

A few years ago my mother-in-law moved in with us.  She had done Tai Chi for many years, but could no longer stand and had given it up. We discovered this group and thought it would be good if she could try seated Tai Chi.  I came along mostly to help with wheelchairs, but started learning Tai Chi as well.  I confess that with my iffy balance and so-so knees I was not optimistic.  But after a few months my balance and knees both showed noticeable improvements and I am now convinced of its benefits.  This is also one exercise that my wife, who uses a wheelchair, and I can do together.

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John Thompson

Assistant Instructor 12-1-16

I had tried to learn Tai Chi at home through VHS tapes without much success. However a couple years ago during an early voting event  at South County Community Center I saw a flier about Sesco’s class and decided to join. It was one of the best decisions I have made and have never looked back ! I have found the experience both challenging and enjoyable, have met many new friends and have began an investment in my own future health. The practical benefits from Tai Chi I get from improving  my breathing,posture, balance and memory I know will continue to pay dividends into my golden years. 

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John Wood

Assistant Instructor  9-1-18 - Off and on over thirty years I've had the opportunity to practice the Yang style of tai chi under three instructors when working in Washington, London and now Houston. Unfortunately I've not been a consistent practitioner due to work and travel. The tai chi martial art interests me because of its benefits to maintain/improve mobility, reduce stress, improve breathing & circulation, in addition to the fun of being with a group of like minded people. When in the 'tai chi moment' I sometimes have a feeling similar to what I experienced while scuba diving, a relaxed weightlessness, moving with the ocean currents. Where tai chi has benefited me include the physical, mental and social areas of my life.


 Peggy Groppell -

Assistant Instructor 3-1-19 - My sister mentioned that she started Tai Chi last year and really enjoyed it.  She said it was fun and also improved her health.  I decided to give it a try when I saw the Tai Chi class in the Lone Star College Lifelong learning Catalog.  It didn’t disappoint me.  Learning all the different steps and learning the breathing technique exercise the brain and the body.  It also helps me to relax.  On top of improving the mind and the body, I also enjoy meeting new people in the class.  It is a fun group and I look forward to each and every session that we meet.


Madusari - 

Assistant Instructor 6-1-16 - Taichi is my meditation in motion, it slower my pace, calmed my temperament, increased my concentration and last but not least I found new friends The most difficult part for me is to synchronize with other Taichi player, especially in a big group. But when we can do it, it's beautiful and personally rewarding

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